Top Tax Forms You Need

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Here is a detailed guide on tax forms that all of us have to file each year. While the IRS website offers hundreds of forms, you don’t actually need all of them. Each of the forms was made for different taxpayers. If you have a unique case, you may probably contact the IRS, but there is a 99 percent chance that you will find the form you need.

Check out all the forms in our catalog. There are detailed instructions on how to file them and documents you need to attach. You will also find the empty forms so you can practice on them.

Form W-2

Form W-2 is one of the most widespread IRS forms among taxpayers. You receive it from your boss if you have a traditional contract. It contains your salary numbers, wages, and tips for the last year.

Form W-4

The W-4 form that is filed by the newly became employee. This form names the number of taxes that must be withheld from you. You don’t need to file the taxes with this form. You have to send it to your employer.

Form 1040

Every taxpayer must file the 1040 form. It represents a personal income tax return. You can find out how much taxes you have to pay by filing the form.

Form W-9

This form is meant for your employers if they fill out a tax return form on your behalf. It contains your TIN, your income, mortgage interest, real estate payments. In case you are self-employed, you have to file W-9 form anyway, using the information in 1099 form.

Form 1099

The form is used to report your income that was left out of sight. It does not include tips, salaries or wages. There are numerous types of this form:

Form 1098

The 1098 form is for those who pay student loans or mortgage. If you have donated the vehicle for a charity you also have to file it. The form fits college tuition payments as well.

Form 4868

This 4868 form is for those cases when you can’t submit your tax return on time. It gives you an extension. You will still need to pay your taxes due to the deadline, but the return can be postponed for up to 6 months.

Which Form To File?

Check out our recommendations on how to file each of these forms. Search for the specific form you need in the catalog. Complete it before Tax Day. Share your thoughts on the difficulties you usually faced filing tax forms.

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